1How long can I store video on my DVR or NVR?
We can store video on a DVR or NVR for over a year; however standard retention is about 30 days. Meaning on day 31 it will only erase video from day one, then day 32 will erase video from day two. You will always have approximately 30 days of recording.
2Are the cameras set to motion record?
Yes we can set the DVR or NVR to record on motion which is recommended to save on storage and not have to review hours of video with nothing going on.
3What types and brands of cameras do you use?
We use all makes and models, depending on budget and needs.
4Do you offer a free estimate?
5How long is your warranty?
Depends on the system we install, typically 1-3 years.
6Do you service an existing CCTV or Access Control System not installed by your company?
7Can I upgrade my security camera system to HD without recabling everything?
8Do you offer phone support?
Yes, please call us at (877) CCTV-BUY. We also offer remote support.
9Can you integrate my CCTV & Access Control System?
Yes and Avigilon is a great solution for this type of design.
10Do you offer license plate and facial recognition cameras?
Yes and Avigilon is a great solution for this type of design.
11Do you install security cameras for both Residential and Commercial?
12Can I view my cameras from my cell phone, PC or Mac?
13Why, as a property manager, should we choose to use High-Tech?
We have years of experience servicing various property management companies, making sure their client's needs are met. It does not matter the project, we take it from start to finish. We have dozens of property management companies as referrals. Please feel free to ask us to provide you a list.
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